MacOS - Piano LED for Arduino (Piano Visualizer)

Descrpition Piano LED for Arduino (PLA) is a piano visualizer, it is free, lightweight, without Ad. application that allows you to controll LED-Strips during you playing digital piano (you still need an Arduino board, like UNO). It is able to receive MIDI message from your digital piano and transmit the MIDI data to Arduino, so that Arduino is able to control LEDs with the MIDI-Streaming. Download Links Piano LED for Arduino v1.

Secret Hider

Download App Store Product features: Three different passwords adapt to various situations: Normal password: Login with this password will show your normal files. Super Password: It will show/hide your secret files. Emergency password: This password will delete all your secret files before you log in to the application to completely avoid data leakage. Non-subscription system, once purchased, lifetime use. 3. Completely offline, eliminate your personal privacy leakage. 4. Double encryption

VIN Checker

If you want to leave a message, please use English, German or Chinese Download App Store Description If you intend to export cars to China, this application is your best helper. This application can quickly verify the vehicle identification code and tells you whether your car can be exported to China. It may save you a lot of time to contact with Chinese customers. Features: Fast and convenient, fully localized operation.