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If you intend to export cars to China, this application is your best helper. This application can quickly verify the vehicle identification code and tells you whether your car can be exported to China. It may save you a lot of time to contact with Chinese customers.


  1. Fast and convenient, fully localized operation.
  2. All data will not be uploaded,that will protect your car supplier and your secret.

Verification of the results is only for reference, resulting in all losses do not bear any legal responsibility.


iOS 9.0+


In the Verification page you should input your 17-digits and letters of the vehicle identification number.

Please pay attention to the number of remaining queries, when the number of queries less than 1, the software can not get any information.


VIN is the most important condition, but is not the only rule that can import a car to China. Such as steering wheel position (Britisch car), color of brake light (American car) and other conditions. But the European car is not described in front of the problem. Some diesel cars will have also problems, because those cars can not drive in some cities (like Beijing, Shanghai). You still need to ask your customer whether they want to buy a diesel car.


If you have any other questions, please contact me through the contact information in the app.

Thank you