Secret Hider



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Product features:

  1. Three different passwords adapt to various situations:

    • Normal password: Login with this password will show your normal files.
    • Super Password: It will show/hide your secret files.
    • Emergency password: This password will delete all your secret files before you log in to the application to completely avoid data leakage.
  2. Non-subscription system, once purchased, lifetime use. 3.

  3. Completely offline, eliminate your personal privacy leakage. 4.

  4. Double encryption to protect your privacy to the maximum. 5.

  5. You can set the hidden status for each folder individually. 6.

  6. Support backup/restore function. 7.

  7. Record access logs, so you can view unauthorized access at any time.

  8. No restrictions, no ads.

  9. Wireless transfer, photo recording and other features are waiting for you.

Privacy Policy

By using Secret Hider, you are relying on how we handle your information.

This application does not use networking features and is fully localized for data storage. It will only request access to your photo library when you add or export pictures. If you have FaceId or TouchID enabled, this app will also request biometric access. We are aware of the importance of this responsibility and are committed to protecting your privacy and giving you full control over it. Therefore, this app does not collect any information from you and you can use it without worry.

Terms of Service

You are welcome to use Secret Hider, this application does not use any network function except for subscription verification, it is completely localized to run offline on your phone, you can deposit any of your private files with confidence.

  1. Due to the privacy policy of iPhone, the developer of this application does not have access to any of your files saved in Secret Hider, which means you are responsible for your data, and the author is not responsible for any loss of data due to forgotten password, damaged phone, etc.
  2. Due to the sensitivity of the data, please backup regularly and copy the backup files to other external devices (such as your personal computer or mobile hard drive).
  3. Please create a backup of your current files before upgrading the software, as the author will not be responsible for any loss of your data due to software upgrades.
  4. If you purchased the App Sotre before version 5.0, you will have unlimited access to all premium features (100 years after the current time of your phone).
  5. If you have any questions about the app or feedback on bugs, please feel free to notify the author through the contact information in the app."